Tasty Thursday strikes again!


September 12, 2013

Today's video is on Thai spring rolls - a recipe, how to make them, and some fun tips about them. Have you watched it yet? Tasty Thursday - Thai spring rolls!     

I've been making these videos for almost a year now. Almost 52 weeks of never missing a Thursday (not even Thanksgiving!) Someone, astounded that I spend a few hours every week putting these videos together and posting them, asked me why I make them. The answer is simple, though I can be more or less flip about it depending on the person asking and my own mood at the moment.

I like to help people. If I can help ONE person learn something, or smile, or try a new recipe or a new ingredient or a new tool or a new way of looking at things . . . it's worth it. 

Does this make me a badass? 'Cause I'm working on it.

Let me know what you think - ask questions - share ideas for this video series of mine - watch and enjoy and share and learn and laugh.

Happy Thursday!!!