Grilled portobellos - a Tasty Thursday video

I'm always a little astounded that it's Thursday again.

Kind of like I'm always astounded that the weather in Virginia in March and April cannot seem to make up its mind. Is it spring, with gorgeous blooms and temperatures that demand shorts and flipflops? Or is it winter, with blankets and flannel sheets and those ugly-comfortable fleecy lined boots?

I choose to focus on warm. Lazy afternoons and basking in sunshine. Finding the sunscreen.

And grilling.


cleaned portobello caps (either peeled or washed, and gills scraped out)

Seasoning to taste (I do garlic, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of my salad dressing)

Grill seasoned side up for 10-15 minutes on a hot grill. YUM!


What's your favorite thing to grill?