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Photo of the month: May

Boat projects tend to run in cycles, longer ones that anyone wants to think about.

The main May project was getting Calypso back in the water, which was accomplished in style on May 15. Perfect timing since we'd paid for half the month in the yard. Now she's in her slip at FBYC, waiting for hard work and some sailing days.


We seem to be on a cycle of one weekend at the boat, one weekend at home. Since the beginning of April, there have been speech contests and political events, the Annapolis spring show, and work travel conflicting with our need to get to work on Calypso

There are house projects too. Jeremy's built scaffolding to fix some rotten siding pieces before we hire a painter to paint the house.


True to form, there is more than one photo in this post titled "Photo of the month". 

It's hard to limit it to just one!

Projects Other Than Boat Projects

Today, the project was getting rid of the cork boards.

Yes, that was today's' boat project.

Because in all the focus on boat projects, there are boat projects that have nothing, actually, to do with the physical boat.

Really. As weird as that may sound, there are many many projects that need to be done before we can head off cruising - and so many of those are NOT on board.

How many boat parts can you see?

How many boat parts can you see?

There's the garage (and the attic - but the garage looks at us every day when we get home from work. It feels more immediate.) Sifting, organizing, purging, and cleaning. We've lived in this house for over 18 years. That's a lot of Halloweens. A lot of camping trips. A lot of excitedly-started-and-just-as-hastily-abandoned projects. We have endless boat parts in that garage, some worth keeping, some worth selling, and some worth, well, a dumpster trip.

There's enough wood to build a dinghy, I think. And no, we can't take it all with us.

Some of the wood we have. SOME.

Some of the wood we have. SOME.

And of course we've kept every moving box we've come across.

There's the books and clothes and old electronic equipment we have in closets and bookshelves, all of which need inspection and decisions. Do we take? Give away? Pitch?

We have a house that needs some work, since the plan is to sell it before we take off. Houses generally always need work, of course, but there are some projects that tend to be put off until later. "Later" has arrived.

See the new wood?

See the new wood?

Other projects include parenting projects like helping the kids make college decisions. Get driver's licenses. Apply for jobs.

In the midst of all these projects is day-to-day life, which is pretty amazingly full as it is. Can these projects feel overwhelming? Yes. It's not like every single day I wake up raring to go, psyched to knock off 6 projects before breakfast. (actually, those days are rare. And not much happens before coffee in any case!)

But each project has a place, and a reason. Each project has steps I can take, and each step means it's that much closer to being done. Sometimes getting rid of one thing is taking one step, small as it is.

Projects, started and abandoned.

Projects, started and abandoned.

And there are no longer any cork boards in that garage. Onward!