House Projects for Sale

No no, we’re not selling the house projects. Although seriously, after chipping out about 300 square feet of parquet flooring, if someone wanted to pay us to do the project? Where is Tom Sawyer when I need him!

It’s that any house projects we’re doing now are with the express purpose of getting our house sold. Which is one of the next couple of steps, big ones, between us and going cruising. As opposed to the projects we did all summer in Vermont - that house is one we intend to keep in the family for generations.

In many ways, the project board we put up where once hung a local school calendar and individual kid schedules is like the one we had in Vermont. This one isn’t on the back of a piece of cardboard that once held steel dogs designed to scare away Canada geese, but the categories are the same (“to do” and “to buy”), as is the mode of adding and subtracting. Got a project to add? Grab a little post it note, scribble the project on, and plunk it under the appropriate column.


This one, though, has some actual boat projects listed on it. Things like “pick up counters for Calypso” and “mailing” (as in, decide on and choose a mailing service for when we leave - there will be a blog post about that whole decision and process as we get closer!)

The other difference with this list is that most of the projects are cosmetic in nature. Replace dining room flooring, paint bathrooms, fix the back fence. There are no structural problems with this house, thank goodness. They’ll still keep us busy, mind you. We arrived back in Cville on Sunday night last week and within a couple of hours Jeremy had removed the trim in the dining room and ordered new flooring. By Thursday, just 5 days later, all the parquet was out.

It’ll be fun to see new bamboo flooring in here.

And even more fun when it’s not our house any more.

If you know someone who’s looking in the Charlottesville area, please let us know!