Space Shifting for Projects

I eyeballed the bed on the floor, then traced the imaginary line to the wall. If I shift everything over past that line, and we get the flooring done to that point, then we can move the bed (and the rest of the furniture) onto the floor and finish the room off.

(There’s a bed in there. I promise.)

(There’s a bed in there. I promise.)

I took a breath and started moving stuff. Next step? Carpet removal!

This constant moving of things to access the space/stuff you need is part and parcel of life on a boat. You might have to move items off of a counter to get at the storage locker underneath. Doing a project might mean massive bunk upheaval if you need to get at the boat part that usually sits happily untouched under the mattress.

Living with this understanding is a skill.

That it’s a skill that’s applicable to life on land is not something I understood until this weekend.

Sure, we could have moved everything out of the room to get full unfettered access to the entire floor at one go. In some ways that would have been easier. Open space. No need to rearrange. One time dealing with carpet removal, one time dealing with sweeping/vacuuming the floor.

Where to put it all is a whole other question.

Moving enough furniture (and that in-the-forefront wood stack) to be able to lay enough floor to be able to move that same furniture to the new floor? It meant I could move the pieces by myself. It meant I could tackle that part of the job while Jeremy worked on the finicky details of transitioning from the wood floor in the hallway to the vinyl floor of the bathroom.

It meant using boat skills in the house.

It’s good to multi-task.

(See? I moved the bed!)

(See? I moved the bed!)