February Photo of the Month

As far as boat photos go, it was a zero month.

We haven’t been down to Calypso since the beginning of December, instead feverishly working on house projects in between house guests and travel. And yes, house projects are critically important to our cruising plans. It’s sometimes hard to keep that in mind.

We finished the new floors upstairs and started in on the painting (because when you paint the trim to go with the new floors, then the doors look like crap. When we get the doors done, what else will look like crap? Project creep!)

Doorway painting. Gateway to more projects.

Doorway painting. Gateway to more projects.

Amidst all of this has been learning about the real estate market, helping Bee negotiate the college acceptance landscape, sorting clothing . . . oh, and work and regular life stuff too.

Is it time to go cruising yet?

I started tackling the garage, one shelf at a time.

I found sea beans, endless falling-apart bags of sea beans.

I found loose screws and random tops to plastic containers.

I also found packing material. Used packing material. As in old mailing envelopes that have bubble wrap inside them. Enough of them to fill a large garbage bag.



It’s a good thing we’re going through this stuff now.

Can we get a dumpster please?