Anniversary Presents for Cruisers

Our 25th wedding anniversary was last Thursday, December 27. Besides being flabbergasted that we are older than 25 (since we don’t feel like it) and gobsmacked that we’ve spent more of our lives married to each other than not (since we’re not 50 yet), we enjoyed the toasts and laughter all day long.

a few years ago. Have we changed?

a few years ago. Have we changed?

Then someone said, “Happy Silver Anniversary!”

Silver anniversary?

Oh, right. There are “traditional” anniversary gifts, getting more precious every year. But what about the cruiser ones? Cruisers are, by nature and by necessity, a frugal lot. We are constrained by space and budget. Still, though, the one place we spend? 

Maybe this is for year 10?

Maybe this is for year 10?

On our boats.

Count the years any way you want to. Maybe it’s how long you’ve been married. Or how old the boat is. Or how long you’ve been cruising.

1: (paper) Get that boat legal! Documentation or registration of the boat

5: (wood) Ooooh pretty stuff. New paint job

10: (tin/aluminum) Big projects start. New rigging

15: (crystal) Let there be light! Replace portlights/hatches

20: (china) Comfort time. New cushions down below

25: (silver) A nod to ease. Electric windlass and/or electric winches

30: (pearl) Understated elegance. Lithium batteries for the win!

40: (ruby) BLING! Spring for someone else to do the bottom job. CopperCoat, maybe?

50: (gold) It’s time to admit defeat. Trawler!

I could add so many options to each. What are some of your ideas?

Love. <3

Love. <3