There are three standing items on my DO list (which, by an earlier definition, means they probably should come off, right?)

  1. Workout
  2. Blog post
  3. Shakeology


I try to get two of them crossed off before the kids are out of the house. This starts my day off well and gives me a sense of accomplishment, all before 8 am. I prefer waking up at 5 to get my sweat on – it lets me have some quiet time before the morning crazy starts.

Today, though, I could not face that 5:30 alarm. I reset the buzzer for 6:30 and rolled back over. The middle-of-the-night gremlins got me at about 3 (why does that happen?) and I needed my sleep.

Still managed to get in a GREAT workout (last of T25, and I really pushed myself) and had my shake for breakfast.

And it’s 8:30 – and I’ve crossed three things off my list.

Now to make the rest of the list for the day. At least, though, I’ve accomplished something!