Sunday night

Sunday night

Been spinning my head a bit trying to increase my video views on YouTube (Tasty Thursday series in particular) and learning about linking all my platforms to create a unified brand presence. 

I'm struggling. At the very first level it's the whole brand thing, though I'm getting clearer on that. My brand is Nica Waters, inspiring badassery. This should be able to encompass any writing I do, plus the fitness stuff, plus the food work.

Really though is the sheer amount of information out there. Rather than being overwhelmed, my choice today is to do three things to link my work together, to create a chain. I've changed my Youtube background. I'm working on installing Google Analytics on my work. And I'm reading three articles/watching 3 videos on optimizing my YouTube channel views and subscribers.

Have to add this HTML verification file - wonder if it'll work? 

Back to daily posts (at least during the week) tomorrow!