Trail Mix - a Tasty Thursday video!

Snacks. Clearly I like snacks. I like the ones that need cooking, and the ones that don't.  I particularly like the ones that don't require measurements, or finesse, or anything other than a few seconds of ingredient-gathering and another few seconds to throw together.

Bonus points for storing in the mixing container.

Extra bonus points for incorporating the Tasty Thursday trinity - color, flavor, and texture.

You know you love it - and now, you know you want to make your own!

TRAIL MIX (about equal amounts of all)

crunchy/salty: nuts or another crunchy protein. Pumpkin seeds? Roasted soy nuts?

Chewy/sweet: dried fruit

Chocolate. Because it's its own food group, of course.


Mix. Taste. Adjust as needed. Taste again. 

What will you put in yours?