wine made simple

Wine pairing

wine I don’t know about you, but the whole “how do you pair wine with food” question is one I usually avoid. I drink red wine (sometimes white, with fish, because that’s what you do, right?) that’s not too expensive ($15 is a splurge!) and I know I prefer malbec and merlot to cabernet sauvignon. There must be more to it.

There is. Joyce Watson, from Wine Made Simple here in Charlottesville, was kind enough to spend time sharing her wisdom with me for Tasty Thursday this week. Watch the video for the details, but in a nutshell her tips are:

  1. Drink what you like
  2. Pair food and wine from the same cuisine region
  3. Match the body of food and wine
  4. Cleanse the palate with tannins
  5. Match the acidity levels of wine and food
  6. Acid wines and cream sauce DO NOT MIX!
  7. High alcohol wines and spicy food are a bad combo!

What are some of your favorite wine/food pairings? Let me know what you think