Snow Ice cream

March 20, 2014


This spring has been crazy here in Central Virginia. Our poor maple tree has had buds on it for 3 weeks now, and the snow just keeps coming. White snow on red buds.  I prefer the normal temps, please, the 50s and sunny with only the occasional snow.

But this week, on Monday, we wound up with yet another snowstorm. (another one is scheduled for a week from now.) And I decided to make a fast simple dessert.



Clean snow

Maple syrup



Scoop clean snow into a bowl. Drizzle with a measured amount of maple syrup (preferably Vermont maple syrup.) Too much will be too sweet, which, if you are my kids, you will tell me is impossible. If you heat it, you will melt the snow – so don’t heat it up.


Eat with a spoon.


Might be enough to make even me like spring snowstorms.


This time last week we were in South Carolina, pushing the comfort limits by walking barefoot on the beach and enjoying a Bloody Mary on “our” deck. The spectacular sunrise on our 20th wedding anniversary set the tone for the whole day.

We haven’t seen the sun since then, at least not since we came north, other than fleeting peek-a-boo glimpses. It’s been grey and wintry and blah, flat light barely illuminating stark bare branches and desolate outdoor spaces.

This morning it’s freezing cold, cold enough that the snow from yesterday has frozen and crunches when a dog walks on it (I refuse to go outside.) But the sun is out, casting shadows and lending depth to the scenery.

I’m not a fan of the cold, not remotely. Give me heat to slow down in, heat to curl my hair. Heat to strip clothes off and dance in my underwear.

If it has to be cold, then sunshine helps. I can studiously ignore the snow on the ground and believe the warmth will come again, particularly when my hands are wrapped around a cup of steaming coffee.

Sun makes me feel like a badass.