play with your food

Tasty Thursday! Pomegranates!!!


It’s another Thursday, so it’s time to see what I’ve been up to in the kitchen. I hate the grey, colorless life in winter. White snow, when we get it, is pretty, but I am a colorful woman and crave bright, happy, COLOR!

What better way to find that than in my food?

This time of year, the brightest jewel of a fruit is in season – pomegranates. As my kids put it, the seeds are the best part (can you do anything with the rest of it?) BUT the hardest things to deal with . . .

After this video, you’ll delight in taking out some aggression on a poor pomegranate. Who knew playing with your food could be so much fun?


What do I DO with pomegranate seeds?

1)   I just eat them.

2)   I sprinkle them on my yogurt and nuts in the morning.

3)   I think they would make a FABULOUS adder to a massaged kale salad.

4)   Really, I just eat them. Or maybe I need to make chocolate and make chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds?