September 17

I've been thinking about what headshot to use as my avatar on any/all social media accounts I have. I'm sort of surprised at the different ones I can choose from - ranging from silly (see above) to glamorous cookingImage

to exercising



to completely random



Not supposed to show anyone else, right? (never want to confuse someone by having them have to choose between 2 people in a picture). 

I'm amazed at how hard it was to choose one. Not that I have a ton of them, for sure, but each one showed something else about me. I want to show that I am fun. Trustworthy. Pleasant. Badass, too. Worth getting to know.

That's a tall order for one little picture. It's a tall order for my brain, to try to think about what I want to portray to the world who might only decide to read a post, or get to know me, from a picture.

Talk about a headshot.