(with apologies to Jon Acuff – and if you have not read his book, what are you waiting for? Start – Punch Fear in the Face)

We all start somewhere. Usually, that starting means falling a few times. Failing, if you will. Think about walking. Talking. Riding a bike. Cutting a loaf of bread.

But if you don’t start, you can’t continue.

Sure, there are a lot of things that make us stop doing something. More times than not, it’s a well-meaning friend or relative who tells us we aren’t any good at it, so we ought to stop wasting time on it.

Imagine, though, if that same person found the spark in what we did. Instead of dismissing us, he or she helped us fine-tune. That’s not to say that every single thing we start needs to be continued – I do believe that there are things worth pursuing and things worth quietly laying aside for each one of us.

But as you go through your day today, instead of dashing someone’s hopes, try to find what WORKS. Be positive. Do this for yourself. For your spouse. Your friends, your kids. A random stranger in the grocery store. Make the post on Facebook an uplifting one, not a negative one.

Looking on the bright side is a small way to feel like a badass today. Go forth and START.