early morning

Day after Thanksgiving

It’s 6:24 am and the house is waking up. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, with all the required items – too much food, wonderful family time, much laughter and endless gratitude (even if we never went around the table and said what we were thankful for.)

Everyone’s leaving today. We started this, I suppose – when we travel to Vermont for Thanksgiving, along the overwhelmingly busy northern roads, we make a week of it, coming home the day after Thanksgiving.

Until I was the one being left, I didn’t realize how un-fun that is. The buildup to the holiday takes much time and energy, and it’s only when the food is all eaten and cleaned up can you really relax.

There is some angst in traveling, I know. I just wish my parents and my mother-in-law weren’t headed off today.

I’ll try to focus on being thankful that they were able to be here with us at all.

Happy Thanksgiving, badasses!