asking for help

Back pain

I threw my back out yesterday, picking up a bar of soap in the shower. I bent down and heard it crack.

Really? In the shower? How could that be? I work out. I exercise, moving my body to sweat and be strong and feel amazing. I threw my back out trying to get CLEAN?

Google to the knowledge rescue. That I type in “threw my . . . ” and “Back out” is what pops up tells me something off the bat. Reading further, I realize that this is common, most likely a result of twisting the wrong way as I bent down PLUS the fact that I’m getting older.

Yes, I’m getting older. Generally a good thing, IMO – I’m so far not one of those people running and screaming from the march of time. But this aspect I can do without.

I have things to do, people. Food to cook. Workouts to do. Laundry to fold, and lug, and put away. There’s packing to be done. I don’t have TIME for a back that makes me plan out every move!

Perhaps I need to look at this differently, she says over a cup of coffee. Perhaps this is a message to slow down, to savor the moments (yes, even of laundry-folding.) Last night when I was blissed out against a heating pad and needed to get laundry upstairs, I asked the kids to help me. I requested assistance on moving a heavy pot of soup to the fridge.

I felt a little silly asking, yes. Gratified when the response was a cheerful “yes.” Less stressed out because of both of those things.

This morning, my back is better, though I can feel it tweaking on the edges. I’ll take it as easy as I can, planning my moves during the day. I’ll get in a good stretch later on.

And I’ll be thankful it’s not as bad today. Being a badass is easier when I’m not in pain!

Time Turner, or how a thought of Harry Potter added to my badassness


This morning, both kids need to be two different places at exactly the same time. One has a morning singing group; the other leaves on a field trip. The schools aren’t that far apart, to be honest – the kids could easily walk from one to the other in less than ten minutes.

What’s the big deal? Drop one off early. (I can read your mind. Like it?)

Great plan. The wrinkle in it, though, is that I am going with Julian on his field trip. And Maddie’s middle school is pretty strict about the doors (down to the second strict) so leaving her off early means she sits outside, by herself, shivering.

That’s how we left it last night. I need time to get to the high school, park, and get myself to the bus.

This morning, I had another thought. Besides dreaming of the time turner from Harry Potter, I’ll ask Jeremy to take Maddie. I’d been reluctant to do this, in part because his office is kind of in the opposite direction from their school. And he’s not a morning person. In fact, it never occurred to me to ask him, until I was grunting with the effort of pushing up those weights in yet another round of shoulder presses.

I don’t know what he’ll say. All I can do is ask. I feel a few pounds lighter now that I’ve decided to ask.

Being a badass means asking for help sometimes. Even if a time turner would be way cooler.