Making the Bed On Board


I love a made bed. I am the kind of person who, if I have forgotten to make the bed in the morning (because someone is still in it, for example), and I come to the side of the bed with teeth brushed and pajamas on, ready to crawl in? I will make the bed IMMEDIATELY before getting into it. 

When we first got Calypso, we were excited to be able to make the interior ours. A factory-finished BCC has no v-berth, you see, but instead has a pull-out double bunk on the port side. And a v-berth, or at least an offset one, was high on my priority list. Not because they're wonderful spaces to sleep in, but because a bunk that is not in the main salon means I could make it when I got up, leave it made, and not have to worry about anything during the day. A bed made and pretty and just there? Sign me up!

Fat chance of that.

See, the bunk on Calypso, that longed-for v-berth? It is located directly over the head. It's the biggest storage space on the boat, making it perfect for tools and extra cans of stuff and spare sails. It is NEVER left alone; 9 times out of 10 we have to shove the v-berth cushions into tiny spaces to get them out of the way. No, I ALWAYS have to make the bed at night.

Making the bed on board a small boat ought to count as cardio for the day. It involves contortions, lifting at weird angles, endless tucking and retucking. Climbing up and back down over and over again. Sheets don't fit, cushions slope outward or inward, blankets either have too much extra or not enough. Pillows take up half the space you need to sleep, and there's not a lot of room to get rid of them for sleeping.

There are times a small boat is wonderful. Making the bed on board is absolutely NOT one of those times!