House Progress

We’ve switched construction mode.

House, not boat.

Boat bunk/hull progress

Boat bunk/hull progress

When we last left Calypso, in early December, we took hull strips with us that had been measured, cut, and dry fit (more than once), including the fastener holes. They traveled with us to Vermont for Christmas, where Jeremy set up a workshop in the basement and varnished away as I did my workout on the floor.

We also took the piece of birch that will be the back of the port side settee, staining and sealing it. It’s a little warped, which is a bummer, but once fastened in place it will be just fine.

And once we returned home, it was time to get at the house work in earnest.

The carpet upstairs was new when we bought the house 19 years ago. The WHITE carpet. It has endured the abuse of 3 different dogs, 2 cats, 2 infants and toddlers and teenagers. It was time for it to go away.

Carpet? Hardwood flooring?

Once we got the quotes from the carpet places, there was no contest.

Bamboo flooring it is. Jeremy installed the bamboo downstairs in the kitchen 10 years ago, and it has held up just fine. We can do that project in stages, moving from room to room as needed.

Carpet removal involves sharp things. Be warned.

Carpet removal involves sharp things. Be warned.

The carpet is out of our room and the hallway. Jeremy has ripped up the stair carpet (which was original to the house, circa 1978. That REALLY needed to go!) and stained the edges of the wood. He’s painted the spindles.

And the 1400 lbs of bamboo flooring has been purchased, picked up, lugged upstairs (good workout), and laid out to breathe for the requisite amount of time.

As I type this, he’s about to install the carpet runner on the stairs.

Progress indeed!

(BTW - we are living in chaos. It will be worth it. But whoa it’s hard right now.)