Bragging rights

I talk often about being Fit2Sail. The need to be prepared in all aspects - the practical (boat, skills, maintenance, cooking, provisioning), the mental (the adjustment to space, need for flexibility, the amount of self-reliance), and they physical (strength, endurance, flexibility) for life on the water.


Part of that mental aptitude is in understanding what we'll need, what tools we will want to have on board.

Jeremy has spent a lot of time building a site that will help us with weather routing. He initially put it out there as a free tool; once he felt confident in the robustness of the site and its capabilities, he started to charge for the use of it. You can still try it out for free for a limited number of routes calculated each month.


I think it's an amazing product. He's extremely responsive to user questions and suggestions (where practical) and is constantly looking for ways to improve it.

When Cruising World featured it as their App of the Month in June of 2018, I about burst at the seams.

Love that other people are recognizing how great this thing is.

Sometimes being Fit2Sail is all about helping other people while you help yourself. Wins all around.