As I was practicing mindfulness this morning, the word “abundance” came into my mind clearly, followed almost immediately by “grateful.”

The pack I’m working on right now, through the app Headspace, involves being aware of feeling and thoughts, noting that they are there, and returning to a breath or some other area of focus.

I’d say in a 15 minute session, I might get about 3 seconds of that actually done, but that’s kind of beside the point. What it is letting me do is to sit, BEING, and being present to what is happening.


This morning, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

For the cats, racing around the house as if it were their private jungle gym.

For the dog, snoring on her dog bed beside me.

For the creaks and slams of the dryer upstairs as my son retrieves some piece of clothing.

For the background music I can hear from my daughter’s room.

For the heat and flavor of the coffee in my hand.

For the ability to sit, and be, and be aware.

For time.

Things that some other morning might drive me nuts (the loud opening of the dishwasher when I am CLEARLY in my mindfulness practice, the stomping down the stairs in heedless disregard for anyone still sleeping) this morning filled me with joy.


I’ve got a kid who empties the dishwasher before heading off to school.

My children are old enough and capable enough to get themselves up.

The pets are happy and content.


It’s Monday.

What are you grateful for?