My Favorite Water Saving Tip

When you go cruising, though, when you’re responsible for sourcing every drop of water that you use on board? Saving water every chance you get will become a vital part of your existence. Saving water while still enjoying your life? Even more vital. 


What can you do to get in the habit of saving water even before you go cruising? How can you practice daily conservation that will follow you onto the boat? 

You’ve likely heard this one before: turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. This small step can save up to 3 gallons of water every single time you shine up those chompers of yours, and once you’ve gotten into the habit of doing it, it can drive you crazy when you’re next to someone who merrily sends that precious resource down the drain. 

Still, simple as it is (and a little “duh” too, honestly) it can be difficult to pull off. Maybe you’re using an old-fashioned faucet head that requires adept manual maneuvering. Maybe you are so on auto-pilot that you just forget. Maybe you worry about rinsing the toothbrush thoroughly, or like to re-wet the brush mid-cleaning.

Hard to turn this on or off easily.

Hard to turn this on or off easily.

Taking the faucet mostly out of the equation is a great way to save water when you’re brushing your teeth. 

Simple. Three steps.

1.    Find a smallish sized water cup that is wide enough to swish your toothbrush around in it. 

2.    Fill it halfway with water.

3.    Dip your toothbrush in the cup, then add toothpaste and brush as usual. When you’re done, you can rinse the brush in the very same water. 

That’s all! Use a cup. Save water.

Bonus: We’ve used the same cup for up to 4 (related) people at a time, though the last person’s brush is a little toothpaste-y.