List Mania

We have lists. Lists and lists and lists.*

Project lists (house, boat, Averill.)

House projects.

House projects.

Wish lists of things to buy for said projects. When Jeremy goes scrolling around on Amazon, looking for tools or required bits, he puts them all in a list so he can find them again later. Sometimes there are 6 versions of the same thing, all slightly different.

Tool lists of tools to remember to bring to whatever project site is up next. Starred or otherwise noted items on the list that might be in one location or another and need to be brought BACK to work on something else.

One of many tool lists, this one in my “Calypso sails again” notebook.

One of many tool lists, this one in my “Calypso sails again” notebook.

These major areas of focus are hundreds of miles apart. Averill is in the northeast corner of Vermont, a solid 720 miles away from our corner of Charlottesville, which is itself 150 miles from where we keep Calypso at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.

Jeremy is more adept at maneuvering through Google drive than I am, and between Google and the list app on his phone he’s got what he needs at his fingertips. I’ve gotten better about using the electronic tools than I used to be (we share our lists) but admit I find it far more satisfying to scribble on real paper and then cross it off when it’s done.

SV Delos in their videos sometimes show their list process - they put their tasks on PostIt notes which they then physically move from column to column as they get through them. I like this idea and can see figuring out some way to implement it on board, though the use of single-use paper is less appealing.

Having some way of keeping track of projects and associated stuff is one use for the lists, yes. And they’re also the place to dream, to scheme, to plan, and to assess progress.

Do you list? Let me know what works for you!

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