Yes, I Want Comments ON!

I was looking through my blog yesterday, wanting to respond to comments left by curious readers. Something was off. I couldn’t respond, nor could I “like” a response (both of which are ways I can communicate with anyone who is reading this writing of mine!.)

Squarespace (my blog platform) help to the rescue. Kind of.

Actually, not really at all. Except to show me where to look (in the settings, and in blogging, and in the comments part of that section.)

See the “comments off”?

See the “comments off”?

Somehow the slider that asks when you want comments to be disabled was set to 7 days (and I know I’d set it to NEVER). I reset it to never. It slid back to “7 days.” This went on 3, 4, 5 times before the support guy told me he needed to look into it and get back to me.

Which he did.

And now the slider is on “never”. Great. Only every single blog post has comments set to “Off” and I need to manually go in and change it. On EVERY SINGLE POST. Ugh.

At least I figured out how to get the time for comments to be disabled (really? Help me understand why this is a thing) to “never”, which is good as I was freaking out about all the work to turn comments on with the full understanding that I’d have to do it again.

All of this is to say that if you see comments off on a blog post, please please please email me or send me an IG message or a FB message so I can go in and address it immediately.

(Why is this cruising prep? Because I like my blog, and I like knowing that people can contact me with questions or comments through the blog. Comments on a blog post are one way to build community, which is my favorite part of cruising.)