The Challenge is On!

A week from tomorrow, we are heading north (via car) for spring break. I teach at a local Montessori school, and Bee is a senior in the public schools, and luckily our breaks coincide. We’ll be visiting colleges so Bee can make a decision about next year, going to the house on the lake to pull the remaining carpet up, and generally enjoying time with my parents.

These views. Ahhh.

These views. Ahhh.

I posted recently about my favorite way to stay on budget, and I got a great comment from a reader about how it also challenges flexibility and creativity in the kitchen.

Yes it does.

This is what my fridge looks like right now.

Reasonably empty.

Reasonably empty.

Granted, I am not sharing my pantry or freezer photos. I didn’t open the drawers to show you what I have in there. There are always onions and garlic.

I really hate wasting food. So my challenge is to see if I can stay out of the store (other than for milk and half and half, because #coffee) until we return from our trip.

Let’s see. Dinner tonight? Leftover pork chops with salad and noodles. Then. . . Teriyaki chicken on the grill (chicken in the freezer). Doubles. Rice and beans. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Tacos (either bean or ground beef - beef in the freezer). Lentil soup. Lentil lime salad. Pasta with garlic and beans. Huevos rancheros. Macaroni and cheese. Pasta with garlic and olive oil. Breakfast for dinner.

Yep, I think I can do it. Operation challenge has commenced!!!

Oh wait. I may need to hit Trader Joe’s to pick up the beer my mother loves and can’t get where she lives. That might be my biggest challenge of all - one item at Trader Joe’s.