Preparation begins

The cat is out of the bag now. I’m not returning to the classroom in the fall. It’s preparation time.

We will be going sailing at some point. It’s got a timeline on it, of course, a timeline that is measured in single-digit years but still flexible enough and far enough out that we’re not talking specifics. Our kids are, after all, in high school and heading faster toward college and being out of the house than I can fathom. And once they’re gone, Calypso will be feeling way larger than 28’ ought to feel.

Where are we headed? West. What boat will we go on? Ours.

Calypso  in her slip. Jeremy's contemplating shoes.

Calypso in her slip. Jeremy's contemplating shoes.

Yes, that 28’ boat we own and know intimately. We could get a larger one. Heck, I keep sending Jeremy links of boats that are advertised on Women Who Sail, but even as I hit “send” I know the answer.

For both of us.

As perfect as Calypso is, there is work to be done. Some of that work involves what happens far off the boat.

My goal is to build a business that can help support us while we are off exploring the wilds of wherever we point the bow. A business that will work 24-7, and a business that can be checked on and helped along when we get internet access.

Business meeting, internet-style

Business meeting, internet-style

There are many options for this, and I’m trying to settle on the best one for us. Meanwhile there is coaching to be done. Motivation to share. Videos to produce. Teaching and mom-ming and wife-ing and activism and cooking and writing and taking care of myself to do.                                                                                                                    

Preparation is what happens when you take the long view. Preparation is digging in and focusing, and working with an end goal in sight. What the dips and iterations of that road turn out to be, the goal remains the same.

Anyone preparing for anything needs a mentor or two or three. Mine include online gurus like Seth Godin, Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, and Brendon Burchard. Real life listeners and advice givers like Larry Goldstein, Tricia Lucas and Linda Hahn, my Toastmasters peeps, my Beachbody peeps, and my family. Book and sailing personalities like Lin Pardey and Sailing Totem and the rest of the incredible admin team at Women Who Sail. I’d say very few of those people know I hang on their words, but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the goal. The vibes I put into the Universe about my intention.

And the being open to whatever comes my way.

I’m in solid preparation mode. Advice welcome.

When you're open to it, the Universe sends some awesome signs.

When you're open to it, the Universe sends some awesome signs.