Meal prep - exampled

So here we are, another Thursday. It's been one of those weeks when the actual days are not moving all that quickly, but the sum of them all is like a shooting star. Whoosh and it's gone.

I'm recovering from a hurt shoulder. Okay, I'm TRYING to recover from a hurt shoulder. My version of recovery is "give it a total rest and hope like heck it's better." If it's not better by the end of this thing I'm doing, I'll go see someone. I promise.

The thing is, I head off for my big fitness/health convention in Nashville on July 26, where I will be surrounded by 25,000 of my closest friends and fitfam. Generally we all work to be in peak condition for that, timing a program to finish up right before then so we can crush any and all workouts we attend and generally be at our best.

Having a bad shoulder makes pretty much any workout off limits. Yoga? Nope. Weights? Nope. Hard cardio? Umm, since I wince in pain when I jar the joint, that's another big fat NO.

What's a woman to do?

AHA! The Ultimate Reset! Lucky me, I had a kit already on hand, and I jumped in feet first. 21 days of focused nutrition, forced rest (your body is working hard on the INSIDE as opposed to the inside), and a renewed reminder of treating your body well.

The Reset is hard. It's hard to break habits, hard to look food choices in the face and say NO. It's hard to think, constantly, about time and when you need to take your supplements. The cooking is often different than what others in your family like to eat, so you might be making 2 meals. The ingredients are probably not what you normally stock. What makes it work, though (besides accountability and support from those around you!) is PLANNING and PREPPING.

Here, then, is a video of my actual prep for actual lunches for this week. Yes, I have the same thing every day for lunch. No, I don't get tired of it. No, it's not the same lunch for all 21 days. 

Planning and prepping. It works. It saves time. And it saves a ton of money. Aren't you worth all of that? 

Microgreen salad deliciousness.