Just what is possible?

I choose me.

I choose me.

Choose you. Unleash possible. The taglines for my website, quickly becoming a mantra for me and my business, how I want to live my life.

What exactly does that mean? 

Were inundated with "shoulds" and "ought tos". We're slammed with all the ways we are not good enough. Do you go to bed thinking about everything that didn't get done? I do.

What if, instead, we focus on what we DO get done. What if we look at the wins we have, the things we accomplish, the smiles we generated. What if the victories were what we saw and not the unchecked items on the never-ending, always expanding list? 

Choose you means finding those wins. It means taking the time to actually think about YOU. Your health, your likes and dislikes. It means making beets for dinner because you like them, even if nobody else  does. It means taking a 20 minute nap instead of reorganizing the pantry because you need to. It means giving you permission to treat yourself as an important person - because you are. 

Once you choose you, the possibilities begin to reveal themselves. 

Choose you and unleash possible. 

It starts with yes. You in?