Abundance or scarcity

Prickly sand spurs or horizons of blue ocean? What do you focus on?

Mindsets have been on my mind lately. Positive vs negative. Growth vs fixed. Abundance vs scarcity.

If you're not familiar with Carol Dweck's work on mindset, the growth and fixed ones, please do watch that video linked above. And if you're wondering about the difference between positive and negative mindsets, then spend some time in the rabbit hole of Google.

But the abundance and scarcity one is the one I'm talking about today. Abundance mindset? It means you think there's plenty around for everyone. It's being happy for someone when they succeed, because you believe that their success means there's more for everyone. It's seeing the possibility in what happens; the whole reason that Roger Bannister's record-breaking 4 minute mile was followed almost immediately by a whole crew of people running a time that was previously thought impossible is that he did it. Once he had done it? It became possible. That's abundance.

Scarcity is worrying that there will not be enough to go around. That you better grab and hold and hold tight and not let anyone else have any. 

The thing is, though, that the way you behave is pretty much what happens. If you think that there's a lot to go around, that the more there is the more there is? You'll see the world that way and it will, indeed, happen that way. If you think there's not enough, that you need to hold on because it will all disappear? Chances are good it will, in fact, disappear.

We have more power than we know over our world. And a lot of that power starts with how we see it.

Choose you. Choose positive, abundant, growth. 

The possibilities are endless.