It's a TWOFER. Twofer Tasty Thursdays, that is!

I run hot and cold on this blog, if you hadn't already noticed. This is something I am working to change, and part of that is making sure I get Tasty Thursday up on here every week. So, since I missed last week, I'll post both of them here for your enjoyment at once!

It's appetizer season. Er, maybe it's better said that it's PARTY season. But really, any time is a good time for a repertoire of easy, tasty, and pretty appetizers you can pull out and serve to guests expected and not. Or make it a "nibble dinner." Or take a plate to a friend's house, to offer a connection boon -  curl up with a glass of your favorite beverage and conversation. And delicious bites.


First up is stuffed mushrooms. These are slightly time-consuming, I will grant you. Bonus? You can make them ahead of time and freeze them, pulling them out like a magician when you have friends pop in for a surprise.

Add these easy stuffed mushrooms to your hot appetizer repertoire today! 

And then we have turkey roll ups. Or pinwheels. Or twists. Whatever you call them, call them delicious!

This easy dish has festive colors and flavors to match. Enjoy!