Why am I blogging anyway?

January 31 IMG_2586

Why am I blogging?

I suppose the answer is multi-faceted, as is so much of life. Sure, I’m blogging to think out loud. To share some of the weird musings that go on in my brain. Maybe it’s a narcissistic journaling that I’m secretly hoping someone else will read.

Maybe it’s another place to link to Tasty Thursday, or to my Facebook page. Another place to share content I find.

Really, though, for me the main purpose is inspiration. I want to highlight the small steps I am taking to make my life stronger, more clear and more ME. This inspires me, which may be selfish (one of my least favorite terms). I am also hoping it inspires you to be your stronger and more real self.

Celebrate what you CAN do. Isn’t that what we all need to do anyway?

Let me know how you are inspired. Share your quotes, photos, sources. Comment here or find me on Facebook. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Together we’ll change the world, one small step at a time.