(hint - you don't need as much as you think you do)



Galley basics are just that - basics. You'll read endless articles that tell you all the latest gadgets or special tools you need to have on the boat, but honestly? What you like to use, what you are familiar with - this is the BEST place to start. Perhaps you are not even a cook at home and don't have any tools. If I were starting from scratch, this is what I would start with.

The tough part about translating kitchen to galley is being aware of electricity requirements. That and space, of course, but if you love something enough to take it with you you'll manage to find space for it. The Instant Pot is a new appliance that has exploded on the scene. If you've fallen in love, of course consider taking it - but be sure you can power it up when you're at anchor or that it's got a safe place to live while cooking underway. This is not an idle consideration, nor is it an easy one. I am trying desperately to figure out how to take my beloved Cuisinart food processor aboard and keep butting heads with storage, power, and the real usefulness of something when we will be only 2 people most of the time.

You will notice a glaring hole in this list. A pressure cooker. People rave about how much these save fuel and time. There are cookbooks galore on the spectacular efficiency you'll find with a pressure cooker.

I have never had luck with a pressure cooker. I've tried a few times, and I will likely try it again before we head off again. If you are a pressure cooker person, or if you would like to try one, go for it. All those cruisers can't be wrong, can they?