Basic tools for your kitchen - a Tasty Thursday post

Kitchen tools. Yes, you need them. As much fun as it is to read books like My Side of the Mountain or Hatchet, even those characters had tools they started with. Most of us, luckily, are not forging our kitchens in the wilderness.

But if you were, and wanted to pack lightly? Or you were outfitting a boat galley, or a weekend apartment, and wanted to start with the absolute basics?

Here you go. The bare minimum I'd start with. 

And if you want a glimpse of what I consider other essentials? Send me an email at and I'll send you a personal video on Tier 2.

Note: Any of these links with a url of “amzn” is connected to my Amazon affiliate account. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These are all products I love and use every single day. You can also find them most decent kitchen stores, and sometimes, if you are lucky, at a second hand shop. Or maybe your grandmother is ready to pass them down to you!

10’ chef’s knife from Wusthof:

Cutting board from JK Adams:

5 quart dutch oven/saucepan: (the one I have is not blue!)

Cast iron skillet:

Wooden spoon:

Locking tongs: