There are three standing items on my DO list (which, by an earlier definition, means they probably should come off, right?)

  1. Workout
  2. Blog post
  3. Shakeology


I try to get two of them crossed off before the kids are out of the house. This starts my day off well and gives me a sense of accomplishment, all before 8 am. I prefer waking up at 5 to get my sweat on – it lets me have some quiet time before the morning crazy starts.

Today, though, I could not face that 5:30 alarm. I reset the buzzer for 6:30 and rolled back over. The middle-of-the-night gremlins got me at about 3 (why does that happen?) and I needed my sleep.

Still managed to get in a GREAT workout (last of T25, and I really pushed myself) and had my shake for breakfast.

And it’s 8:30 – and I’ve crossed three things off my list.

Now to make the rest of the list for the day. At least, though, I’ve accomplished something!


This morning I decided two things. One, my 5 am wake up was not necessary, at least not this morning. I could snatch an extra hour of sleep and my day wouldn’t be much different at all. This workout I’m doing now, T25, is 25 minutes long (okay, 28 if you count the cool down). I have time for the rest of my life without waking up at 5. When I start doing P90X again, then my alarm will sound at that early hour. For now, though? 6 am. Decision made.

My other call today? To do a workout from the earlier round of T25. I chose Speed 2.0 over Speed 3.0. My shoulders are not in the best shape, and Speed 3.0 might as well be nicknamed “Death by Burpee.” I did double weights yesterday and thought my arms would appreciate the rest.


Does it sound as impressive to say I got up at 6 rather than 5? Or that I chose Speed 2.0 instead of 3.0, even though I’m on the Gamma round? No, it doesn’t. But both of those are what I needed today. And bottom line? I killed my workout, a difficult one by most standards. Does it matter what time it was?

Badass means figuring it out for you, not for everyone else.




My current workout is called T25, an intense 25 minutes of serious sweat put together by the master himself, Shaun T. His other workouts include Insanity and Asylum, plus some less crazy ones. I haven’t done Asylum (even the name makes me shudder a little) but I have done Insanity – and that’s 45 minutes or an hour of pure, hard work 6 days a week.

So how do people get results in just 25 minutes? It’s all in the FOCUS, a word Shaun repeats over and over. It’s on the walls behind him in the studio. It’s even officially a part of the name – “Focus T25.”

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about multi-tasking. What was once a hallmark of ultimate efficiency, this drive to do a zillion things all at once is coming under fire. Turns out our minds are not really capable of cooking and talking on the phone all at once, or writing a paper and listening to our kids. (I think it’s safe to say, though I might be proved wrong, that you can still walk and chew gum at the same time.) Our mind ping-pongs back and forth between the tasks, making each take longer or turn out poorly. Far better to focus on one thing for a time, then shift focus.

From a photography standpoint, if you're not focused, the picture is blurry.

This focus (for lack of a better word) on focus, on doing one thing and giving it your all, I can also think of as intentionality. If I am deliberate in my decisions and in my actions, I will get results.

Focus. As powerful a word as any I’ve heard lately. How might you apply it?