Oranges with zest and vanilla - a Tasty Thursday post

Dessert is a touchy subject around here. There are, after all, 2 teenagers as well as a 40-something teenaged appetite and metabolism around here. What's a nutrition-loving mama to do?

Spruce up some fruit, of course.

Try it. 

Of course, if you want to try it over vanilla ice cream, I won't fault you. (shhhh)


Oranges with vanilla and zest

Fresh oranges (1.5 per person)
vanilla extract

1. Zest oranges using a zester or small-toothed grater. Put zest in a bowl large enough to hold the oranges.
2. Cut all white peel parts off of the orange and cut into sections, cutting away all white parts (this is called the pith, and it's bitter!) Put orange sections into the bowl with the zest.
3. Add 1/8 of a teaspoon vanilla per each 2 oranges to the bowl and stir well to combine flavors.