Mapodofu (tofu stew, Dad-style) - a Tasty Thursday video

Chinese food, in my head, is usually a stir-fry. Not this one.

This pork and tofu stew needs simmering. It needs pickles. It needs spice. The exact amounts of anything?

Up to you.

My kind of recipe.

And that it's my dad sharing this one, in his inimitable style and humor. I only wish I'd caught more of it on film.

MAPODOFU (pork and tofu stew, Chinese flavors)
serves 10 - easily HALVED (I'd have done it that way but the video is of this amount so I didn't want to confuse anyone!)

2 lbs tofu
2 lbs ground pork
(amounts of the rest of this vary. Bottom line? It's spicy. Pickles are a must, if only for the mouthfeel.)
scallions, parsley, ginger, 
black bean sauce with garlic, fermented black beans, Chinese pickles, dill pickles, Chinese cooking wine, soy sauce, siracha, other hot sauce, chicken stock, dried hot chili peppers, cornstarch, sesame oil

1. (soak the black beans for 5 minutes while you get the rest of the stuff ready) Chop the vegetables. It's okay if you leave the ginger in bigger chunks .. . my dad says there are flavor pocket highlights in there, and the ginger is in the mix.
2) Mix the "dry" stuff (the veggies, the pickles, the black beans, and the dried chili peppers in a bowl.
3) Mix the "wet stuff" (Chinese cooking wine, soy sauce, black bean with garlic sauce, siracha, other hot sauce) in a bowl.
4) Begin browning the pork. While it's browning, drain and press the tofu, then cube it.
5) Stir in the "dry" ingredients.
6) Stir in the "wet" ingredients.
7) Add in the chicken stock. Bring the mixture to a simmer, then move the ingredients to the side to create a well. Stir in cornstarch (maybe 1 TBS) and mix well.
8) Cover and let simmer for 20-30 minutes.

What are some of your family favorite recipes?