Layers. They're not just for cake.

I’m working on creating a cooking course for those who want to learn to cook the way my parents do: from scratch and with confidence. Sure, you can follow a recipe, but if you have a life filled with items on your calendar, many nights there’s just not time for that.

Asparagus. Layers of delicious.

Asparagus. Layers of delicious.

No, you want to look at what you have, start chopping and sautéing, and create a dinner that’s quick, satisfying, and nutritious.


To me, this involves layers.

Layering techniques with flavors and skills.

Layering knowledge with practice and a healthy dose of curiosity and action.

Layering the confidence of a successful meal down like bricks, one on top of the other.


It’s not unlike starting a workout program.

You layer decision with action.

Form with speed and depth.

The confidence of finishing a workout onto the next one.

It’s not unlike starting a movement towards progress.

Layering daily action with daily action.

Layering questioning with conversation, and community organizing.

Layering voices on top of each other to create a song of confidence and unwavering dedication to the task at hand.


You can save your health, and the health of your family.

And you can save the health of your nation.


Layers make us strong.

It takes many layers.

It takes many layers.