The End of an Era - Jackfruit BBQ Wraps Up Tasty Thursday

Well, I did it.

I pulled the plug on Tasty Thursday.

After 6 solid years of weekly food videos, I produced the last one on October 18, celebrating the 6th anniversary and the end all in one.

Here is the video, just for you:

I think it’s fitting that the last one is one about food we’ll likely have on board while cruising; it also came about as a result from cruisers asking for this kind of recipe.

Why did I stop? Six years of weekly food videos, without a break, is a record I’m proud of. It took some real thinking and waffling back and forth to make the decision.

We’re getting ready to head off cruising. This time next year, we’re hoping to be southbound on the boat, kids safely tucked into college somewhere awesome and appropriate for each of them. I’d like to morph this video series into something that takes place on board, combining a travel log with a “here’s what we’re actually eating on the boat and how to cook it” style.

But until we get going, there’s a lot of work to do, both on the house (which we are putting on the market soon) and on the boat (which is in MAJOR construction mode). And that right now is taking my energy.

I hope you’ll follow along on the blog and check out what I have going on over at Membervault. I’m adding resources and options there for you to keep up with my work.

Thanks for being with me.

Remember - yes, you can. Even in the kitchen.