Midlife crisis. Only it's only kind of midlife. And it's not a crisis.

“ . . . there is no effort without error and shortcoming . . .”
— Theodore Roosevelt

Midlife crisis is a term tossed around a lot. Switch spouses? Midlife crisis. Get a new, red, sports car? Midlife crisis. Decide to hop off of the corporate fast track and go meditate for a year in Tibet? Midlife crisis.

Midlife crisis? Or laying the foundation . . .

Midlife crisis? Or laying the foundation . . .

But what if what it really is is a way of coming to terms with what is really, truly important. What if that "midlife crisis" is not a running away but a running TOWARDS? What if we call it midlife because the first part of our lives was just building and laying the foundation and giving us experiences to be able to recognize our lives as they were meant to be?

I'm 47. If this is midlife for me, I'll live to be over 90. When I look at my grandparents, that's either wishful thinking or totally doable, depending on which side of the equation you investigate. Since I'd like to live at least that long (healthy, active, LIVING, thank you), I'll fudge on the "midlife" part.

The crisis part? I feel like I hit that a long time ago, honestly, when I came back from sailing with the family and promptly had so no idea of what to do my back gave out on me. The work I am doing now, all the coaching and motivating and inspiring and Tasty Thursday-ing? That is directly related to that crisis.

Not in that I ran away from anything. Rather, I have been running full tilt towards something absolutely amazing and incredible for the last 4 years. And those 4 years would not have been possible without the previous 43.

So here it is, in a nutshell. I am in the business of helping people. I am in the business of helping YOU. I help you figure out how to say YES to the things you dream of being, of doing. 

I help you unfurl your sail.

Can't go sailing until the sail is unfurled.

Can't go sailing until the sail is unfurled.

Are you ready for your midlife crisis? It's only sort of midlife, and it's most decidedly not a crisis. You've been working towards this your entire life.