My flag. Time to take it back.


My flag. MY FLAG.

My flag. MY FLAG.

This is MY flag.

The flag of welcome, and acceptance.

Of helping hands, and energy sent in the direction of abundance.

The flag of hard work that succeeds with the help of others.

The flag of education, and health care, and compassion.

The flag of the country I live in, and love, and believe in.


I abhor that my reaction to seeing it fly is to think that those who fly it are against my values, my AMERICAN values.


I defy those who usurp it to symbolize petulant gamesmanship.

I refuse to cede it to a vision of a country that is so far removed from mine I can hardly believe it.

That they can fly it is their right, under the first amendment of the constitution so many of them want to spit on, starting with the man who occupies the White House when he’s not tweeting lies or golfing.


I’ve ordered my flag, and I will fly it. 

With a few additions to the flagpole.

This. This is my America.

This. This is my America.

In case there is any doubt what kind of American I am.

I am taking my flag back. Just as I work to take my America back. Are you with me?