Motivation, or move yourself into action

Motivation. What is it, and how do I get it? 


What I've got to say might not be your favorite thing to hear. Pretty much, motivation is your desire to do something. It's about how badly you want it, not about someone handing something to you. Motivation isn't this magic pill that you find under a rock, or that you get from someone else. The cold hard truth is that motivation comes from YOU.

You're the only one who can motivate you. Sorry.

That said, there are things like inspiration and accountability, which come into play before and then after that initial spurt of action, but that first bit? It's all you.

I think of motivation as movement. Yeah, yeah, I know they're not linked in any way shape or form, but to me they are. Because the best way to get motivated? It's to start DOING. Start taking action. Right now.

Want to write a book? Start writing NOW. Not tomorrow, or on Monday. Now. Pick up the pen, sit down at your computer, and start. Want to get healthier? Start NOW. Get yourself a glass of water, tell your family that the kitchen is closed, open the door and go for a walk. Heck, drop and give me 10 squats RIGHT NOW. Want to go for a sail? Get on the boat, unfurl your sail, and head off to that blissful meeting of sky and water.

Motivation is all about doing. You can be inspired by someone else to get your rear in gear, but it's by DOING that you will juice your brain into keeping on. 

Be inspired by someone else. That's often the catalyst for us to realize we are capable or interested in a change. But motivate yourself. DO.

Unfurl that sail. The world is waiting - and the destination is you.

Three ways to keep motivated . . . hint: it's all about accountability!