Celebrate easy

Not exactly. I don't mean go out and celebrate the stuff that's simple, like brushing your teeth or putting on your shirt right side out. The first time your kid does that, fine. Make a big deal about it. If you're still whooping it up on social media about your laundry not showing tags, then there may be other things to worry about.

But we tend to downplay the actions we find easy. We scoff, sometimes openly, if someone mentions how good we are at something (Choosing books. Staying on task. Finding the perfect word for an emotion. Drawing. Singing. Cooking.) Things worth celebrating are supposed to be hard, right?

"No pain no gain." "It only counts if it hurts." "Pain is progress."

Really? This is what we're supposed to do?

Really? This is what we're supposed to do?

I want to change this. 

Think about something you love and are good at. Maybe so good that you don't even think it's important. So good that you can't really believe everyone else can't do it too, because it's so much a part of you it just flows without thinking. Maybe you work to get better, but even that isn't hard work because you love it so much. 

Celebrate that. 

Sometimes, easy is worth celebrating. Don't fool yourself into thinking that only hard things are worth doing.