Friday the 13th

January 13, 2012 It's a grey, blustery day. My toes never seem to be able to get warm on these kinds of days. It's like they look outside and curl in on themselves. Hopefully it will sun up over the weekend, though I suppose it would be nice to actually see winter sometime. At least my kids think that.

I started the week feeling pretty terrible, so terrible, in fact, that I missed 2 days of workouts to try to give my body a chance to rest. I went to bed at 5 pm on Monday night, waking only to crack the whip on homework and "eat" a small bowl of homemade chicken stock. By Wednesday I was semi-normal (don't go there, just don't), cranking out workouts and cooking up a storm.

Over the past 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) I've done 4 workouts, including 2 Ab Ripper X. Soreness is a part of my life, though that in itself isn't that strange. Today's workout is Legs and Back (and another Ab Ripper X - ouch), and my body is behaving much like my toes - curling in on itself and not wanting to peek.

But I know that once I "press play" and start, I'll be jazzed about what's going on and want to finish. And when I'm done and in the shower? It will be the BEST sunshine of the day, no matter what the weather looks like.

What's your sunshine today?